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Welcome to Chamber Thirty Seven. West Lothian’s TOP RATED martial arts gym FOR BEGINNERS!

We are a beginner's Mixed Martial Arts gym based in the heart of Bathgate. Established in March 2020, the gym is the passion project of Coach Roddy Campbell. Coaching a mix of martial arts to proffessionals and beginners around the UK for the last decade, Coach Roddy finally has opened his own premises!

Cultivating a passionate and welcoming environment, Coach Roddy makes martial arts accessible for everyone. Every class is BEGINNER FRIENDLY and for ALL FITNESS LEVELS, genders and ages 13+.​

Please take a look at our timetable. There's something for EVERYONE, whether you are looking to start a new hobby, change how you look or change how people look at you. 

Our mission is to give you that push you need to make some lasting changes. 

If you have any questions, reach out. Coach Roddy is always happy to chat and ignite your motivation!

The Chamber



Roddy Campbell is head coach here at Chamber Thirty Seven and takes all the classes and 1-1s. 

Click here to find out more about Roddy's coaching and fighting experience.



Nero IS quite obviously dogs and doesn't offer coaching. But there is a good chance he will be there chilling in his bed whilst you train.

In Thailand all the gyms have dogs. We liked the model. So make sure you give him a wave on your way in and out the gym.

The Chamber

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